A New Normal Counseling Services, LLC

A New Normal Counseling Services, LLC

Change is inevitable, Change can be challenging, Change can be beautiful

Change takes time and like the caterpillar, with time, can eventually yield the beauty of a butterfly.

Whether you are struggling with the challenges of anxiety, depression, Aspergers, ADHD, Aging or addiction, my goal is to help you work through these challenges to find your inner butterfly, as you embrace – “A New Normal”.

Supporting Children, Adolescents, and Adults on a Path to Positive Transformation

Due to COVID-19 I am currently doing virtual counseling only.

Meet Your Therapist:

I am Dr. Vanessa D. English, licensed professional counselor and owner of “A New Normal Counseling Services, LLC” located in the metropolitan Atlanta area.

As an exceptional education teacher in three school districts in the State of Georgia, I always wanted to give more support to the students I taught and their parent(s). As a classroom teacher the support that could be given was limited. I felt that I could only put a band aid on situations that could truly benefit from surgery. I decided to return to school and prepare myself for this endeavor.

After retiring as a 30 year exceptional education teacher, I leveraged my mental health counseling education, wealth of experience in the classroom and my desire to help others rewrite their narratives, and became licensed by the state of Georgia as a mental health counselor/therapist as well as started my own private practice.